“I wanted to email you and let you know about the amazing job Erin Gren did for us acting as our real estate agent. From the very beginning of our search, she was helping us find homes that would suit our needs. She listened to us and selected homes based on that criteria, which by the way changed as we went along, and made her job more difficult. She ultimately helped us find the right house, but her efforts didn’t stop there. She made sure our loan officer was working diligently and helping us make that process less painful and more efficient than it otherwise would have been. She then continued to go the extra mile by calling, bugging, whatever it took to help the loan close on our house in Las Vegas. If she hadn’t done that we very well could have lost the home we had under contract here. This was a very stressful time but Erin jumped right in and made miracles happen not only for our loan but also sped up the closing of our Las Vegas home. I consider Erin a friend because she fought for us and our interests. She made things happen and stood by us. I would recommend her to everyone. She is dedicated to her clients and works hard to create a great outcome. I appreciate doing business with your brokerage because you have people like Erin working for you. Thanks again for a positive experience and outcome. We find ourselves very happily situated and have Erin Gren to thank for that.

Laura Boggess

“You are someone that I have always looked up to. I knew if I called, and talked with you at your office, it would get done.

Great lady!!”

Sherry Talbot

Bonnie and I had lost our spouses to death after 70+ years of collective marriage and later found each other to share the rest of our lives together with. To begin our marriage, we felt that it would be wise if we started our relationship in a home of our own. We found Sharee Killpack in our search for a real estate agent, who we both felt comfortable and secure with. We listed my home with her and proceeded to search for a new home. Sharee was personable, asked us many questions and soon knew what we wanted. Immediately, she went to work on our behalf. Within a few short weeks she sold my home. It was now imperative that we purchase a new home. She was accessible, patient, and a tough negotiator. We soon found the home that we wanted and was able to quickly and efficiently close on it with Sharee’s help and expertise. We are now building a new life together in our new beautiful home. Sharee has stayed in touch with us and become one of our close dear friends. Through everything, Sharee’s most valued quality was that of total integrity and for that reason, and that reason alone, she is the professional we would choose for any of our future real estate needs. Thank you.”

Mike and Bonnie Taylor

“Sharee, thanks so much for your wonderful Thanksgiving cookies. They were among the best we have eaver eaten. Our daughter joined in the fight over the lemon ones. Know that you and your family are in our prayers. This Thanksgiving we were especially thankful for

your kindness in helping us with the move.”

Rod and Danielle Smith

“I have been involved with literally hundreds of real estate transactions. I worked with Sharee on a number of those transactions and she is the most dedicated realtor I have ever worked with.

Wake Hanks

We needed to make a move from California to Utah and had one week to find our “perfect” home! Sharee dedicated that week to helping us look for a home and educate us on the Utah housing market. We found a house we loved and that was ready to move into…

The only problem was that the owners weren’t willing to negotiate much. Sharee diligently worked with their agent to find a solution we could all live with. We were in our new home a month later! Sharee is knowledgeable, hard working, and fun.

We consider her a friend and have kept in touch for the 4 years since we bought our house. We recommend Sharee to all our friends and family… A true sign of our trust in her abilities.”

Lance and Lorene Nichols

We HIGHLY recommend Sharee Killpack and Territory Land Real Estate. We have used Sharee over the past five years to sell 2 homes and to purchase 2 homes. Speaking from experience choosing the right agent to work with is very important. Sharee is the agent that will go to battle on your behalf and always gives 150% of herself. Don’t make the mistake of going with another agent; Sharee is the “Difference Maker”. We are confident¬† you’ll be delighted to have Sharee handle the buying or selling of your home.¬†

Happy Clients Since 2005,”

Josh and Julie Dalton

On behalf of Stephanie, fetus, and myself, Thank you! I hope we weren’t too demanding or difficult. It could not have been an easy task juggling Willard and clients so inexperienced in real property acquisition. You were very patient, kind, knowledgeable,¬†

and most of all diligent in service. You are a credit to your preofession; Working with you was great. Again thank you so much.”

Kevin and Stephanie Whipple

“Sharee was a joy to work with! She never gave up on us even when it took us awhile to find what we were looking for. She is very personable and easy to work with. She understands the market and local areas and neighborhoods. We enjoyed having her knowledge

and experience on our team!”

Dave and Malia Thurman

“We have used Sharee twice, as has our daughter. She was GREAT. Very professional, friendly and most especially patient. We highly recommend Sharee and know that your experience will be as great as ours was.”

Tim and Patti Andreasen